Slimming Products

Slimming is actually coming in the place of health, medicine, or physical fitness. It is actually a process of reduction of the total mass in the human body. This can actually occur unintentionally because of a disease that is underlying or even it can arise from a conscious effort in order to enhance an actual or overweight or obese state as perceived.


There are many ways by which one can achieve by slimming their own physical body. They are Suppression of the appetite. Drugs like Catecholamines and elements based on their derivatives are the important tools used here. Even though there are other classes of such drugs available like anti-depressants and mood stabilizers those have been parallel used for suppression of appetite.

There are also certain Drugs which can really block the cannabinoid receptors from the suppression. This might become a future strategy for developing appetite suppression. Increasing the Human metabolism one can get to this weight loss. This occurs when the interference with the ability of the body that absorbs some nutrients in food that is being consumed. For instance, Orlistat blocks fat gets breakdown that prevents fat absorption. A fiber called OTC provides special ingredients called glucomannan along with guar gum that have been actually used for the purpose of lowering the caloric absorption and inhibiting the digestion.

Forms available

They take very less forms like the forms of tablets and the powdered forms. Their effect can be understood simply by knowing the ingredients. Orlistat is one ingredient that reduces the fat absorption in the intestinal are by inhibiting pancreatic lipase. There are also some side-effects noticed on using this Orlistat. This includes frequent and oily bowel movements.

Sibutramine is a drug that acts as an anorectic or appetite suppressant. This basically reduces the desire to eat. Also this may increase BP and cause side effects like dry mouth, headache, constipation, and insomnia.

Rimonabant is a drug that has been recently developed for medicating the anti-obesity. It basically acts as a cannabinoid receptor antagonist which mostly acts on the brain hence it decreases the appetite. It might also act mainly by increasing the thermogenesis and hence increases the energy expenditure.

Brief description about usage

The slimming products need to be used on regular basis and continuous dosage is recommended since these products tend to show their effects on long term basis along with proper diet. Taking the slimming products alone will not reduce weight or fat it is required to follow the dietary instructions dosage on regular basis.


JD LABS deals with the slimming products in the form of tablets, capsules and powders. The powder forms are generally to be mixed with slimming milk or water and taken as a part of food or only this is to be taken as food.

Jayadev Shastri

Owner of JD Labs is a research scholar working on "Reduction of side effects of Cancer Medicines"