Cough suppressants

A cough medicine or cough suppressants is also known as linctus. They are usually available in syrup form. This is a medicinal drug that is used for problems with coughing and related physical and health conditions. Actually there is no better proof against or for the usage of cough medications that can be used to counter a cough.

An expectorant actually functions by signaling the body when an increase in the amount or hydration of secretions occurs. This results in accurate clearer secretions along with a byproduct that will be lubricating the respiratory tract and cause irritation.


There are more categories for the kind of cough suppressants and expectorants available in the market.

:: Dextromethorphan might be averagely effective in the cough recovery in adults which usually affected with viral infections in the upper respiratory system. But it has been proved and advised that these medicines are not effective with children.

:: Codeine was considered as the benchmarked standard in the cough suppressants. There is some recent information that has found that it is not recommended for children due to the presence of hydrocodone. In addition to these there are actually no evidences that the ingredient hydrocodone is useful in the health of the children.

There are still a number of other available products for treating cough. But they have not really been effective towards the viral infections in the upper respiratory systems. These include in adults antihistamines, benzonatate, antihistamine-decongestant combinations, and guaifenesin; and in children: decongestants for clearing up the nose, antihistamines, or combinations of the 2 medicines.

Forms available

These are more usually available in market in the form of syrup. And the usual prescription from medical consultant would be taking the syrup 3 to 5 times a day depending upon the severity of the infection along with some age factors. They usually advise infected people to take 8 to 12 ml per day and it will naturally induce drowsiness. Hence it is always advice to take the syrup and be at rest to get a better response. There are also cough suppressants available in chewable forms sometimes

Brief description about usage

This kind of medication can be taken either by mouth after having the food or without food, as per the advice from the doctor. This will usually be advised to be taken every 4 hours. If you are treating by yourself please do not forget to follow all directions on the product package. If you are unsure about any of the instruction, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


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