Anti Allergic Drugs

Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder which is caused due to the increased reaction of immune system. The allergy causing agent is called the allergen it may be chemical or natural in origin. The allergic substances may affect any specific part of the body or the whole body will be affected in case of skin allergy. The most commonly affected regions are nose, eyes, sinus, ears, skin, and gastrointestinal tract. Most of the anti allergic medicines are prone to make a person drowsy since they include slight dosage of substance that makes one sleepy.


There are several anti allergic tablets that come in several different forms and different combination. Each allergy needs to be treated in a different way according to the substance that causes allergy.

The main category of anti allergic drugs is listed below:

::   Antihistamines which constitutes epinephrine, glucocorticoids, cromolyn sodium and theophyline

::   Antileukotrienes which include motelukast and zafirlukast

::   Anti- cholinergics such as decongestants, eosinophil chemotxis and mast cell stabilizers.

Forms available

Anti allergic medications are available in diverse structures like tablet, fluid and gel based syrups and capsules. The combination of substances varies according to the nature of disease. If the allergic condition is severe then the dosage will be having a higher constitution of drugs.

Brief description about usage

The medicines used for treating common cold, flu, cough and throat related allergies help to relieve the problems temporarily. It is not advisable to use these medicines without proper advice from physician since over dosage of these medicine may result in severe side effects. While using these medicines for children under six years it is advisable to meet physician before using anti allergic medicines since certain combinations may prove to be heavy and will not be adoptable to the body of children.


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